These Numbers are Impressive!

For those of you who missed it, Mason-Dixon Polling & Research Inc. conducted a poll last week for the Arkansas News Bureau which places the whole Arkansas US Senate race in perspective: if the election were held today, we would win against Senator Blanche Lincoln by six points — that’s a wider margin than any other candidate in this race. It’s certainly good to see our efforts paying off, but it gets better: The same poll also shows that we have higher statewide name recognition (positive-and-neutral) than Senator Lincoln, and — once again — more than any other candidate in this race. See the graphs below:

I had the privilege of being an analyst at the National Security Agency for six years — partly because analysis has always fascinated me, but let me tell you: these numbers are definitely fascinating enough in their own! First off, the poll was a rather large one with 625 people surveyed over the entire state. Secondly, the poll was conducted just days after our campaign announced our entrance into the race for US Senate. To have such strong support so early in this race is both encouraging and humbling, but it just goes to prove what you have been saying: “This time it’s different. This time, we have had enough!

In other news, I signed the Americans for Prosperity No Climate-Tax Pledge yesterday. To me, this was a no-brainier. After all, I signed a No Tax pledge when I was first elected to the Arkansas Senate, and I am pleased to report that I’ve continued to honor that pledge. Of course, that’s the difference between conservatives and liberals. It should be the difference between Republicans and Democrats — but, unfortunately, we see that such is not always the case. Too often, Republicans legislate like liberal Democrats, and the result is the rebuke the Republican party has received over the last several nationwide elections. Republicans can’t continue to make the same mistakes in 2010.

That should be the lesson the party is learning today. Yet, within minutes after the Mason-Dixon poll numbers were released, reports surfaced that other people were being urged by beltway “moderate” insiders to consider entering this already crowded race. Nonetheless, I welcome these new challengers, because it affords voters the chance to communicate their disgust with establishment politics. In fact, I only entered this race at your urging and the urging of supporters just like you, and you haven’t given me any indication that you’ve changed your minds. We all share the understanding that we have to get it right this time around, and we are still determined to do so.

There you have it. Please let me take the opportunity of this good news to commend your commitment to take charge of the situation in Washington D.C. and put this country back on the right track! But we’ll need your continued help to see it through. We must all constantly remember that we can’t let this opportunity slip by us. We don’t have 6 years left if the country keeps going in the direction it has been going!

Please consider donating to the campaign today, and help make this happen.

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