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Congressman John Boozman Touts Less Government Spending – Astounding!

Congressman John Boozman has stated in his speeches that he has not raised any taxes. That is an astounding statement since he voted for the $700 billion TARP bailout bill, the Prescription Drug Plan with a ten-year cost of $350 billion, for the first $150 billion dollar stimulus bill in 2008, and voted for increased budgets and spending bills by the billions time after time during his nine years in office.

Boozman also voted to increase spending for foreign aid; education, welfare, food stamps, United Nations, Aid to Mexican military, and many others, billions at a time. Yet Boozman says he has not raised taxes.

“Then where is the money coming from, John, “if you are not raising taxes? Holt asks.

“We don’t like negative campaigning at all, but we don’t feel it’s negative campaigning if we talk about the voting records of current legislators. We are running against Blanche Lincoln because of her voting record in the US Senate. Most Politicians are likeable (except Bill Halter). Blanche Lincoln and John Boozman are two of the nicest people you would meet, but we are running against them because they have both spent our country into oblivion and it is TIME TO STOP!”

In his latest email to voters Boozman’s campaign manager touts “John’s message of lower taxes, less government spending, and his continued fight against the President’s big government polices.”

“Boozman may be able to say technically that he did not raise any taxes since he probably did not actually vote for increased taxes, and can possibly say that he has a message of (talks about) less government spending,” Holt said. “But if the voters don’t begin to look behind what the definition of “is” is they are going to be sending the same big spenders back to Washington.”

Washington and Arkansas politicians have cooked up a new scheme whereby they can spend like drunken sailors but can still say they did not vote for increased taxes. In Washington they just spend us into economic disaster by increasing the national debt, laying the burden on the backs of our children, and decreasing the value of the dollar. Then they can come back home and individually say they did not vote for new taxes. That way they keep their voters happy and onboard. “Adding to our national debt and laying the burden on the backs of our children is just as immoral as raising our taxes,” Holt said. “And decreasing the value of the dollar has the same effect as increasing taxes.”

In Arkansas some legislators actually vote for the bills that increase spending on various things and then vote against the bill that appropriates the funds for it and contend that they have not voted for new taxes.

“If the voters across the state actually knew the amount of spending Boozman and Baker voted for,” Holt said, “we would win in a landslide.”

“I think we have done a better job,” Holt continued, “of bringing those voting records to the attention of the people and educating them about the deceptive tactics used by candidates than any other campaign has done in the past. We think that will make a difference not only in this race but also in political races to come.”


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