Thank You!

First, I want to say Thank You for all your hard work and effort.  Remember, the path to liberty is not a sprint but a marathon.  With your enduring spirits, none of us are finished; we are only beginning.  Second, I’m sorry for not getting out a personal email sooner.  This has been the busiest week after an election, win or lose, that I’ve ever had.

Wednesday, sleep came at approximately 4:30am, as I’m sure was the same for many of you.  I awakened at 6:30am for an interview at 6:40am.  It went well.  After around 45 minutes, I managed to get back to sleep until around 9:30am.  We had Bible time and breakfast/brunch as Steffan and his crew took campaign signs away from the polling places.  I talked with many of you on the phone.  Joy filled my soul as I knew we had spread the truth and God was glorified.  Many of you shared you wouldn’t change a thing because you were more informed now than ever before.  We made a difference.  All expressed a concern wondering if we were ‘ok.’  I was extremely happy because I had ‘passed the test’ of dying to my will.  No frustration or anger, only peace was given to me.  And even though we learned that we didn’t make the runoff by one and a half percentage points (about 2,300 out of @ 138,000 votes cast), it was a great day.

We were at complete peace and then between five and seven in the evening I learned that Gunner DeLay was going to do a recount in the third district.  This could possibly change the outcome of our race and put us into a runoff.  The investigative process began.

Thursday:  We called the Secretary of State’s office the next morning early and Gunner DeLay and many others involved in the process; all the while, talking again with many of you and my opponents that had become our friends.  We learned much as we debated the law with many attorneys and previous people that had been through this process.  The law was vague, but to be sure we received a recount (and the price involved) we felt like we should request a recount by midnight, Thursday night.  We talked to MANY attorneys and several at ‘Pro-Bono,’ as late as 11:00pm.  We are grateful to them.  Somewhere between five to seven pm, I received a phone call from a large organization in the state that had reported many counts of voter fraud.  More investigation with attorneys and staffers ensued until around 12:30am and throughout the day on Friday.

Friday:  More of the same, trying to learn which would be better: a recount, a fraud lawsuit, both, or nothing.  Who will join us in these endeavors?  Is it even feasible?  Final reports need to be made.  Some want it to just be over with!  And yet they counter their own thoughts with, “It’s for freedom!  Give it everything you’ve got, Jim!”

We really believe we owe it to everyone involved to make sure that everything was done in order.  It was pretty close to make a runoff.  At this point, we are still waiting on some information so an informed decision can be made.  We cannot make a mistake on this one.  For example:  there is not only the legal and political aspect, but there is also the public perception aspect.  And believe me the media will hammer us if there looks like there is any ‘complaining’ or ‘whining.’  A banana from the bunch gets pealed.  That’s why we must have alliances in this one.  We ALL want fair elections and when it’s this close, machines can make mistakes in counting those ballots.

There is another group that has filed suit in defense of their First Amendment rights.  Other coalitions are being made as well.  We should have a meeting on Tuesday.  As soon as we know something definitively, I will inform you.

So I implore all of you to be praying.  Before we do anything, we must make absolutely sure we are right.  Then, if necessary, charge Hell with a water pistol.

Saturday we got up early and left to Union Town, Arkansas where my daughters were in a wedding of one of our dear friends.  We arrived back home around 5:30pm at which time we received more company and phone calls.  We also learned that our main pilot for the campaign, Jay Cole, JR’s Daddy, was coughing up blood and was rushed to the hospital and is there as I correspond with you.  Please pray for that family.  They are patriots that have been fighting this battle for freedom more years than I have and I appreciate them greatly.

There are many people who have joined in this cause for freedom.  And I know with the right perspective this endeavor has not made you weary.  I was personally more ‘burned out’ when I began this race than I am now.  I believe it is truly because I saw something for which I have prayed for years.  Something that I thought was dead and I didn’t know IF it could be rekindled – a desire for this nation and our children’s children to be free, to be responsible for ourselves, to be dependent upon God once again, not the government. Remember, the liberals NEVER let up. They keep coming year after year.  Should we do no less?

I love and admire you all.


P.S.   I want to spend a great deal of time THANKING everyone for all their sacrifices of which I know.  You are heroes in a day that heroes are desperately needed.  If there is a story that you wish to tell me, I would like to put it into this ‘soon’ distribution so that others can see and be encouraged for we have truly just begun!

Stories of Sacrifice:  Ross Whitley and family gave up their vacation this year and maxed out in financial and time contribution.  They were truly an inspiration for others to stop talking and start doing.  They brought many people in the campaign and were truly good at ‘ABCing.’  They could always be counted on to put ALL ELSE aside for our freedom.

Clint Branham Jr. left a high paying technical job at a ‘mega-church,’ to fight this cause of freedom.  Whenever we needed something, night or day, Clint was there, working around the clock.  He maxed out in financial and time contribution.  He was extremely good at working in adverse circumstances without complaining.

Debbie Pelley – Even though she was not officially part of the campaign, she helped with advice and I consider her one of the heroines of the state for her research and tireless tenacity.  She did a great job of supplying the voters with legislator’s records on key votes.  She as well, maxed out on time and money, and she has since 2004. She is a retired school teacher, but I’m not going to tell you her age.  She’ll have to do that.  I’ll tell you this.  When you learn her age and learn of the hours she puts in, you’ll shake your head in disbelief.

May the Lord bless ALL of you a hundred fold for your faithfulness.  I will write more about other sacrifices.  Mrs. Green just told me of theirs on Wednesday.  All in this campaign were literally amazing and the most educated of ANY campaign.  We are so blessed!!!

Wait until you hear about the initiative of Ken Tate and his availability as well…. You’ll be encouraged.

Talk with you soon… I miss you all, already.

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