Issues: At-a-Glance

Jim Holt is all about:

  • Protecting Your Freedom – A legislator’s first responsibility
  • Promoting Capitalism and opposing socialism
  • Limiting Taxation – Keeping more taxpayers’ money in taxpayers’ pockets. Arkansas’ #1 Anti-Tax leader!
  • Reducing government control and growth
  • Limiting government regulations on businesses and individuals
  • Protecting innocent life– from conception to natural death
  • Opposing ObamaCare
  • Protecting traditional Marriage
  • Protecting the Right to Keep & Bear Arms
  • Enforcing our immigration laws
  • Confronting judicial overreach and activism
  • Opposing federal takover of local schools
  • Respecting parental rights, including parental rights in education
  • Protecting individual Property Rights
  • Opposing Obama’s “Cap and Trade” Scheme
  • Championing your conservative values!

And with Jim, these aren’t just election year slogans, they’re his legislative track record.

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