• Holt Responds to Allegations Regarding Ambulance Lights

    — Apr 29, 2010

    U.S. Senate Republican frontrunner Jim Holt is responding to opposition about an alleged violation of a law regarding his campaign’s latest symbol of conservative expression.

  • Holt Unveils Emergency Rescue Vehicle

    — Apr 26, 2010

    Republican U.S. Senate Candidate frontrunner Jim Holt, a former Arkansas State Senator, announced today his latest technique deliberately aimed at capturing the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Democrat Blanche Lincoln.

  • Health Care Bill Contains “Violations of the Constitution”

    — Mar 23, 2010

    Republican U.S. Senate candidate Jim Holt issued the following statement today in regards to President Obama’s signing of the Health Care Bill…

  • Holt: Lincoln’s 60th Vote “Divided Our Nation”

    — Mar 23, 2010

    Republican US Senate Candidate Jim Holt called Senator Blanche Lincoln’s announcement today that she would be voting against the Healthcare Reconciliation Bill a “fraud” and a “Fig Leaf” to cover up her crucial 60th vote to proceed with Obama Care.

  • Holt to DPA: “Stimulus” spending a “line in the sand”

    — Feb 18, 2010

    Republican U.S. Senate candidate Jim Holt said today that government spending on “stimulus” programs will be the “line in the sand” between him and Senator Lincoln this fall.

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