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Only four of the candidates in the curent Republican primary race for U.S. Senate have a voting record – Jim Holt, Senator Gilbert Baker, Senator Kim Hendren, and Congressman John Boozman. The other four candidates have no previous legislative experience or voting record. Holt, Baker, and Hendren were in the state Senate from 2000-2006 together, and Boozman has been in the US House of Representatives for nine years.

For more information on the voting records of the various candidates, or to learn how to research voting records yourself, visit the links on the bottom of the page.

Voting Comparison of Holt, Hendren, and Baker

Bill No. Description Conservative? How Did They Vote
Holt Hendren Baker
HB1009 (Act 90) State Takeover of all School Facilities. No No Yes Yes
HB1012 11. Authorize Enforcement of Federal Immigration Laws. Yes Yes Yes Yes
HB1033 1. Requires parental consent for abortion. Yes Yes Yes Yes
HB1109 (Act 60) Consolidate Schools under 350. No No Yes Yes
HB1119 5. Prevent Unmarried or Homosexual Adoption. Killed in Committee. Yes Sponsor N/A N/A
HB1150 (Act 3) 2003 Legislative Pay Raise. No No Yes Yes
HB1150 (Act 3) 2005 Legislative Pay Raise. No No Yes Yes
HB1156 (Act 4) 2001 Legislative Pay Raise. No No No Yes
HB1289 14. Closing Isolated Schools. No No Yes Yes
HB1488 8. In God We Trust Lic.Plate. Yes Yes Yes Yes
HB1525 10. Instate Tuition for Illegal Immigrants. No No No No
HB1768 15. Suspension of License for Alcohol Possession. Yes Yes Yes Yes
HB2697 (Act 1467) Gov’t. Control of Curriculum in Every AR School. No No No Yes
SB1174 16. Allowed Drinking in Public (in Entertainment Districts). No No No No
SB132 13. County-wide School Districts. No No No Yes
SB28 Consolidate Schools under 500. No No Yes Yes
SB42 (Act 59) Sales Tax Increase to 6%. $360 Million Tax Increase. No No Yes Yes
SB7 (Act 84) Bill to Pay $10 Million to Assess AR Schools. No No Yes No
SB74 3. Unborn child pain awareness act. Yes Yes Yes Yes
SB758 Consolidate Schools under 1500. Killed in Committee. No N/A N/A Sponsor
SB91 (Act 98) $107 Million for 32 New Dept. of Edu. Employees. No No Yes Yes
SB999 17. Electronic Gambling. No No No No
SJR17 4. ERA Amendment. No No No No
Omnibus bill implemented NCLB and gov’t control over all schools in AR. No No No Yes
Conservative? 100% Moderate Mod or Lib?

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These links are by third party researchers and are provided for your convenience only. Neither the articles nor the authors are endorsed by Jim Holt for U.S. Senate.

Voting Records copied from Arkansas Legislature site and steps to
follow to find these voting records for yourself: Voting Record Documentation

Jim Holt, Kim Hendren, and Gilbert Baker Voting Record
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Link to a speech that details other aspects of voting record of candidates for US Senate

Jim Holt On the Issues
Revisionist Holt History by Mark Moore
Why I support Jim Holt by Debbie Pelley
Samples of Holt’s Voting Record by Pamela Manard

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